In a week in which Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day falls together, we at Jacques Vert are raising a glass and toasting to all the amazing women and mothers out there. To celebrate, we sat down with a real-life Mother and Daughter as part of our latest Journal series.
On a sunny Friday morning, we travelled to Milton Keynes to have brunch with Karen and Steph Jones. Karen a PE teacher and Steph a buyer, explained to us what makes their relationship so close and how they will be spending the next few months preparing Steph’s wedding day.
Good morning Karen and Steph, thank you so much for inviting us into your home! We would love to find out a bit more about you. Can you tell us some of your favourite things to do together?
KJ: Hello! Well for me, shopping is one of my favourite things, we love to go to different boutiques in some of our favourite places such as Oxford and Cambridge. Also living in the countryside, we have such beautiful walking trails, that this has become a much-loved pastime.
SJ: Being social in our family is so important. We like to relax together by sharing a bottle of rose over the kitchen table and have a good catch up.
If you were to take a trip together where would you go?
KJ: We travelled to New York together with my other daughter and it was such a wonderful trip, we also love to go to Ibiza. With the weather being like this, we are now wondering where to escape to next!
SJ: We created some amazing memories in New York with my sister, that we would love to go back. We had the best time shopping and sightseeing. It was the perfect trip for us.
What is your favourite Memory about one another?
KJ: I remember when Stephanie attended Royal Latin School, I was so proud of her when she would put her uniform on and for me It’s those candid moments that will stay with me forever.
SJ: Oh wow! There are so many, for me it was the support that my Mum gave me when I was training for the London Marathon. My Mum was my support core, she flew back from Australia to watch me run the marathon and when I crossed the finish line it was such an emotional and special moment for us both it was something I will never forget.
Have you ever borrowed each other’s clothes?
KJ: Well it would be great if I could fit into a size 8!! We tend to share more accessories, scarves, hats and handbags. I know that Stephanie always has her eye on my necklaces though!
SJ: I do love to borrow my mums accessories, she has some lovely pieces of jewellery as well as an extensive collection of bags and scarves.
What’s the best piece of advice that your Mum has given you
SJ: To plan my meals! When my Mum went to live in Australia she subscribed me to a food magazine and it was a life saver for me to be able to look after myself properly.
JV – Tell us your three favourite things about the other person.
KJ: Stephanie to me always looks happy, she wears a genuine smile and is happy for everyone. She is big on friendship and she organises everything. She is so much fun to be around and I love that about her.
SJ: My mum is such good fun! She is so bubbly and caring, she is the centre of our family and it helps that she is an amazing cook too!
Name one beauty or styling tip that you have taken from one another?
KJ: Always wear the correct bra size!
SJ: My mum taught me how to do my first smokey eye when I was a teenager, it was one of those girlie moments in front of the mirror that I still refer to today.
As you are getting married Steph, how will your Mum help you prepare for your Wedding Day?
SJ: My Mum is like the fairy godmother wedding planner. She has done so much for us from booking our florist to organising the field for our wedding reception. She has been the lady on the ground and we would not be this organised without her! She is definitely going to help me stay calm on the day.
Do you have any wedding traditions that you are passing down to Steph?
KJ: On her wedding day, she is going to wear her Aunties handkerchief which is her something blue and she will be wearing my pearl earrings which will be her something borrowed.
Do you have your Mother of the Bride outfit and what advice would you give to other Mother of the Brides?
KJ: At the moment, my outfit is a work in progress, although it will be from Jacques Vert. I love the print and the material of Dasia Organza Print Dress (pictured) and I am working alongside Jacques Vert to create a bespoke look for the day. It’s important to me for the dress to be really special and to wear a different style and colour from what I wore at my other daughter’s wedding. As it’s a very long day, I learnt that comfortable shoes are an absolute must and you need to practice the hairstyles at least 6 months in advance.
What did you learn from your eldest daughter’s wedding that you have taken with you to Steph’s wedding?
KJ: It’s all about the flowers! I tend to meet up with the florist regularly so that we can bounce ideas off one another. I also found that it was important to plan the hair and beauty on the day just to make sure that the bride looks and feels her best on her special day. And of course, to make sure that there is a sneaky glass of champagne on hand just to set the day off right!
Can you share with us your favourite Mother’s Day memory?
KJ: Over the years Stephanie has brought me to tears with the thoughtful messages that she has written in her cards. For me though this day is about all the special times that we have had together and not just Mother’s Day itself.
Good luck to Steph on her Wedding Day.
We hope you and Karen have the most fabulous day.
Special Thanks to Graham Pearson who shot our campaign, Rebecca Richards our make up artist and St. Nicholas Church Little Horwood.